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SoundRise is a music company founded in 2001 and based in Montreal, Canada. We’re an artist management company, a record label, a booking agency, a concert producer and a promotion & publicity agency.

We also operate two subsidiaries: SoundRise Concerts, an event promoter featuring artists from Montreal and abroad; and SoundRise Promo, an agency which promotes projects not directly linked to SoundRise. It’s so cool to pick up the guitar and create something that didn’t exist 5 minutes ago. You can write something that no ones ever heard before. It’s music at your fingertips.


Artist Management & Direction

Stephan Sheppard
Artist management & Direction – Business development

Michael Seemore
Artist management & Direction – Label

Ben Dubmore
Artist management & Direction – Events

Isabel Chan


Mark Bergevin
Director – Finance & Administration

Michel Therrien
Administration & Merchandising

Claude Julien


Address & Contact

SoundRise HQ
PO Box 4296
H4C 2V7

General Inquiries

Interested in joining us ?

    Demo Policy

    We are now only accepting demos in digital form. Please email with links to MP3 files (but NO MP3 email attachments please!), SoundCloud pages, or websites. Please remember to include contact details within the email body and keep your submission short and sweet, best tracks first.

    Please don’t chase us for a response. If we like it we will get in touch with you.

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